Preventive Medicine

Making an appointment for Preventive Medicine is important in your pet's life.

Common sense tells us that prevention is better than cure.
The importance of preventive medicine in humans is commonly recognized. Why should animals be different?

Our Preventive Medicine plan is a fundamental tool in the prevention and early detection of the most common diseases in dogs and cats. 

At SOLUMVET we believe in the benefits of prevention in order to protect, promote and maintain health, well-being, prevent disease and early death. Thus bringing the improvement of health care provided to dogs and cats.

Our mission in the defense of animal health is continuous and that is why we raise awareness of the importance of consultations twice a year, in which we raise awareness among tutors to preventively care for their pet.

Oral health

A good ORAL HEALTH, helps…

Your pet’s oral health is one of the pillars of preventive medicine and its annual check-up is extremely important to prevent future problems in our pets. The mouth can be the target of several diseases in pets with different consequences for the health of your dog or cat. .

Symptoms of disease of the oral cavity:

  • bad breah
  • discoloration of teeth
  • difficulty eating food
  • loss of appetite animal
  • feels pain when touching (when touching the mouth area)
  • tartar on teeth


SOLUMVET’s vaccination protocol is exhaustive and in accordance with international guidelines that best promote disease prevention. The vaccination plan is defined according to the animal’s characteristics: age, health status and context and place where it lives. 

Regular vaccination of your pet is essential basic health care. Without vaccines, your pet can become seriously ill. Like humans, dogs and cats need to be vaccinated against dangerous viral and bacterial diseases, such as:

Consult our Vets to define a personalized vaccination plan for your pet

Paratise control

Deworming is basic health care for your dog and cat. The parasites that affect your pet can also affect you. There are several types of parasites: 

External: fleas, ticks, mites, lice, flies and mosquitoes

Os internos: lombrigas, ténias, coccídeas, giardia spp, dirofilária

Internal: roundworms, tapeworms, coccidia, giardia spp, heartworm

Symptoms vary depending on the type and amount of parasites present, the age and health of your pet.

The main symptoms caused by internal parasites in your dog and cat are: 


The parasites can be transmitted during pregnancy and lactation, from the mother to the baby. For this reason, puppies must be dewormed internally after 2 weeks of age. Whereas the kittens must begin internal deworming at 3 weeks of age.

Then, both species must be dewormed every two weeks until 8 weeks (2 weeks post-weaning). From 2 to 6 months of age, administration should be monthly and from 6 months on a quarterly basis (3-3 months).


External parasites cause your pet to be unwell, and they can carry serious diseases. At SOLUMVET we recommend the application of spot-on pipettes and / or oral administration of pills and / or the use of a collar. 

The pipettes, with monthly application, must protect essentially for fleas, ticks, flies and mosquitoes. Some of these products are also targeted at mites (scabies). 

Collars have the advantage of a prolonged action time (they need to be replaced after 4-6 months or 7-8 months depending on the type of collar) 

Quarterly tablets are easy to administer, however they have no insecticidal action. These pills are exclusive to dogs. Ask your vet about the ideal dewormer for your pet and, above all, bet on prevention and surveillance and make periodic consultations at least twice a year.. 



A good diet is the basis of all prevention and the key to a better quality of life. At SOLUMVET we have expert advice to feed your pet in the healthiest way, according to his age, physical condition or associated pathology. 

Currently, therapeutic diets are an important tool in the management of various pathologies, namely renal, hepatic, cardiac, urolithiasis / nephrolithiasis or locomotor system. We have available for 24 hours dietary and physiological feed, so your pet never has to interrupt the treatment due to lack of feed. 

Get to know our nutritional monitoring service and establish a nutritional plan suitable for your pet that will help your pet live a long and healthy life. We are at your service!

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