Our Privacy Policy


We at SOLUMVET are determined to protect and respect your privacy. 
This privacy policy establishes what personal data we process among the data we collect, or which is provided to us by you. 
Please use this document as a guide to our practices regarding your personal data. The personal data you provide to us will be stored in the database of the Guruvet software developed by the company Guruvet and maintained by our supplier Pontual Software, being stored directly on the local server that is in SOLUMVET unless otherwise noted, explicitly described in this privacy policy. 
The security of the storage of your data is guaranteed by our Pontual Software supplier in accordance with the commercial agreement signed between the parties and the privacy policy of this. 
Your personal data will be used in accordance with the implicit contract entered into between you and our clinic so that we can provide you with veterinary services, as well as other services, products and promotions in the area of health, aesthetics or animal behavior. 
Such use of your data is in line with the principle set out in section 3, article 6 of the General Data Protection Regulation.

What information do we collect and why 

When creating a pet card at our reception, by phone call or by filling out a pre-booking form on our website, we will ask you for your Name, Telephone Contact, email, Address, Tax Identification Number, profession and, if applicable, payment details. 
This data is collected for the following purposes: 
– Register your details as a new customer and update them at each visit, or whenever justified; 
– Register your animals in our system; 
– Make appointments for appointments or other services; 
– Process your payments, bill and collect our services; 
– Contact you to give you information about your animals, exams or appointments; 
– Communicate changes in the terms of our services; 
– Communicate campaigns and promotions related to products and services for pets; 
– We will also automatically collect dates of your visits to our clinic

With whom we can share your data 

• Clinical analysis laboratories (with your express consent); 

• Veterinary reference centers (with your express consent); 

• Insurance companies (at your request, and with express consent). 

We may, for certain purposes, subcontract data processing services such as sending sms, managing social networks or digital communication. The right to use your personal data will not be provided to any subcontracted company for these purposes, and the provision of services in question is always defined by a contract between SOLUMVET clinic and its supplier, so that the defined criteria in the General Data Protection Regulation

How we protect your information

The personal data you provide to us will be stored in the database of the Guruvet software developed by the company Guruvet and maintained by our supplier Pontual Software, being stored directly on the local server that is in our Clinic, unless otherwise noted, explicitly described in this privacy policy. 

Regular backups are made using a hard disk. Our computer systems are regularly updated in order to always operate on the most stable and secure versions of the operating system available. We have an active firewall on our computer systems and we have an active antivirus, in order to ensure that, if there is a security breach in that system, we will be able to detect it as soon as possible. We also strive to keep your data as updated as possible, and as such we will ask you to confirm your data with each visit you make to our Clinic. 

Likewise, we ask you to inform us if in the intervening period there is any relevant change in the same data

How long do we store your data

Your personal data will be kept for 10 years after your last visit to our Clinic. At any time, you can request that your data be deleted, and we will do so in a safe and confidential manner, as long as there is no legal reason for us to keep it.


You have the right to access, at any time, all personal data that you have provided to us, as well as all records generated based on that data. If you want to access this data and request its portability, you must send us a written request to clinica@cvetsolum.pt. We will respond to that request within 30 days. 

You have the right to withdraw any consent to the use of your personal data and to ask for your personal data to be deleted from our database. To do so, just send an email to clinica@cvetsolum.pt or an SMS to +351 912190 091 describing the purposes for which you wish to stop being contacted, or to request us to delete your data (if it is a request for data deletion we have a period of 30 days to respond to that request, and we will proceed with the deletion since that it does not conflict with any legal reason we have for processing that data)

Changes to the Privacy Policy

Any future changes to this privacy policy will be communicated on the website of Clínica Veterinária da Solum and if they are relevant changes will be communicated by email. Any questions please contact us via email clinica@cvetsolum.pt or telephone +351 91 219 00 91.