Teleconsulting or telemedicine consists of the use of digital media to provide information and veterinary medical care to patients located in distant locations. 
The medical appointment is carried out from a digital platform, avoiding the need to travel to our SOLUMVET clinic. 
This consultation has some limitations, inherent to the fact that it is not face-to-face. Yet, it creates an audiovisual communication channel that will allow the resolution of many cases, also helping in some doubts and questions you may have regarding your pet.
In order to ensure the correct functioning of this service, we have listed below some rules to simplify this service:

1. Consultations will be scheduled and made by appointment; 

2. Consultations can be arranged with the Veterinarian of your choice, subject to availability; 

3. Payment must be made immediately after the end of the consultation by bank transfer; 

4. The medical prescription will be sent by e-mail after the consultation and the respective proof of payment has been sent.

5. If you need any product or medicine, it can be picked up at our premises or delivered to your residence. 

6. Not all cases can be resolved with teleconsultation. If any type of examination like physical examination in person or complementary examination, this decision will be made between the Vet and the pet owner, on the best way to be able to perform it. 

7. Only one animal can be consulted at a time. Nowadays all the mobility restrictions demand adapted and innovative solutions so that our 4-legged friends do not fail to have the care they need. You just need a computer with a video camera nearby.