It was born from a dream come true in 2007 born from a dream come true in 2007. From the desire to dare to think, in Coimbra, a welcoming space that distinguishes itself in the area of Veterinary Medicine for Pets. Our mission is to provide permanent quality services, focusing on prevention. 

Deployed in the heart of Solum, a residential area par excellence in the city of  Coimbra …

… SOLUMVET Veterinary Clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment that allows us to respond promptly and safely to customers’ needs. We intend to make a difference by a strong and convinced social responsibility that has led us to collaborate with surrounding social institutions. We also do not deny our training role and that is why we welcome several interns helping them to grow in harmony between professionalism and passion. 

We are a team of zealous, dedicated, competent and above all passionate people. These are the convictions that make us look to the future with optimism and allow us to guarantee the accompaniment of your 4-legged friend at all stages of life. 

We are doctors and animal lovers and we never forget this duplicity. 



In times of greatest fragility, animals and people have the same needs, so … 

… we want to provide the best comfort to your pet friend, when he needs it most. We know that you love your pet and that is why we have a team of specialized and compassionate professionals available to take care of everything.


The importance of prevention in animal health

Promoting full health is another of our goals. In this case too, like people, animals need specific care at each stage of life. 

On the other hand, prevention is seen as an essential factor for full health. Therefore, our mission is to promote a preventive health attitude, contributing to the quality of life and longevity of your pet, through vaccination and periodic examinations. We also assume the responsibility of creating social awareness for animal welfare, strengthening the emotional bond between people and animals. Our team shares values and ethical principles that give priority to love, respect, responsibility and commitment. We consider each of our customers and their pets as part of our family. We want happy animals and owners.




Dra. Rita Figueiredo

Clinical director 

Degree in Veterinary Medicine from the University of Oeste Paulista São Paulo, Brazil in 2004

Internship at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) in Dermatology.

Areas of interest:
surgery, dermatology, exotic animals.


The SOLUMVET Clinic has at your disposal a vast list of services of medical-veterinary action. Providing the most advanced means of diagnosis, at the service of an experienced clinical staff.


Come and meet us. 

We are at your entire disposal for a guided tour of our facilities, consisting of: 

  • 2 consulting rooms
  • preparation and pre-surgery room 
  • surgery room
  • digital radiology room 
  • ultrasound and echocardiography room 
  • recovery room

Rua Francisco Lucas Pires 121

3030-489 Coimbra

Tel. 91 219 00 91 / 239 781 415